St. Xavier’s School, Bangalore, caters to diverse capabilities of individual student with an emphasis on teaching students to think for themselves, evolving their own creative solution while drawing upon the experience of teachers. At par with global standards, each classroom here maintains less than 25:1 student teacher ratio, ensuring personalized attention. Students also have the advantage of constant access to teachers. Here excellence is valued and each academically gifted student is chiseled to measure up to their full potential.

Kinder Garten

St. Xavier’s Kindergarten

“Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present”. St. Xavier’s Kindergarten is a kindergarten with a difference offering an education with a ‘vision’. Playing, Learning and Enjoying Every Minute Is Our Motto. At St. Xavier’s School, we treat every kid as precious diamonds and we’ll help them to shine better and succeed in their lives. Established with a vision to provide the best international learning experience, we enlighten your kids by entertaining them. Our learning system offers a unique, child-centered learning environment that can make a positive difference in every child’s life.

Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty

The school boasts of highly qualified staff with a keen sense of dedication and high level of commitment. The staff shares an amiable relationship with their students. The teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide. A series of workshops and training programs are conducted for teachers in order to help them compete and improve the methodologies, upgrade their skills and knowledge to stand among the rest.


Well-ventilated, sunlit rooms provide and create the right atmosphere in the institution. Thematic display boards not only add to the aesthetic value but also are instrumental in creating and nurturing the interest of the students in various subjects.

Math Lab

A unique play way method has been adopted to inculcate interest in Math. Hence a lab has been set up where each class right from Std. I to VI have at least one class during the week to experiment with mathematical toys.

Computer Lab

Sophisticated, well-stacked and state of the art lab has an array of two dozen hi-tech computers which are capable of high resolution displays.


It is the heart of every institution. A spacious, well-furnished and well-stacked library captures the attention of each and everyone. It is managed by a qualified librarian. Computer networking facility is under progress.

Audio Video Labs

The school, as a part of its unique teaching methodology, utilizes state-of-the-art audio-video equipment to impart education. The school is fully computerized and web enabled. The school offers labs that are set up to enhance the linguistic skills and subject knowledge of the students through an exhaustive resource of books, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and other study material in English.

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